What Happens When Mom Is Not At Home?

Have you ever been thinking what is happening at home when you went out with your friends at friday night. In this article we will show you some of extreme cases that dads and kids do when mothers aren’t at home. Think about setting up the cameras and keep your eyes on those party animals :)

Here are also some photos that can happen when moms are not at home. House on fire!

Little girls even think that they can bake


Source: wallpapersinhq

Big boys even shave



Source: coolstuffdirectory

Fathers throw their kids arround :)

ThrowThemArroundSource: coolstuffdirectory

There are also fathers that are having lots of fun with daughters. They even use them as a ladder or having them clean the dishes.




Source: World’s Best Father @facebook

They go walking arround dressed inappropriately


Source: dailydawdle

And before growing too old they duct tape them to the wall so they don’t escape :)

TnayHawkDuctTapeDaughterSource: Tony Hawk’s twitter


So moms… Are you still sure you can left your son or daughter home alone with dad? Go ahead those are extremes they are actually having a very great time and kids love those days :)