11 DIY Ideas For Birthday Surprises

1. Start a day with a special note for the one who celebrate

Special note for birthday morning

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2. Choose the most beautiful and significant photos of the year and make a beautiful surprise with balloons

Balloons with photos

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3. Collect special photos in one place and make it look like heart full of love

Love life

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4. Write down some special messages and put them into envelopes – make this day more special

Notes in the envelope

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5. Cannot came into the house? There is not problem, put balloons in front of the main doors

Balloons surprise

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6. You can put some sweet messages also in the car and make the way to the work special

Notes in the car

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7. Make it sure that the gift will come to the right person with a special note on the top of it

Note on the gift

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8. Make a day spent in the school or at work better with notes

Special notes

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9. Send a box of surprise with a message in it

A box of a surprise with a note

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10. Plan a mysterious journey

Holidays are coming

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11. Plan the best surprise party

surprise party

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